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Carolina Mushroom Farm

Reishi - Mushroom of Immortality

Reishi - Mushroom of Immortality

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Anti-allergies (anti-histamine), inflammatory, bronchitis, asthma, bacterial (staph, strep, pneumonia), viral (herpes simplex 1 & 2, HIV, Flu, Pox), tumor (Leukemia, liver, lung, prostate, sarcoma) *reduces the negative effects of chemo and radiation therapy and protects healthy cells and helps immune system recover, candida, cholesterol, insomnia, fatigue.

Regulates - blood pressure & sugar (hypoglycemic), cholesterol, and lower lipids

Tonic for - the cardiovascular system, arthritis, kidney, liver, lungs, vision, aging (anti-oxidant - reduces oxidative stress) nerves, brain function (anti-inflammatory - helps Alzheimer’s), stress, immune system, increases endurance.

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