Welcome to the FAQ page of Carolina Mushroom Farm.Below you will find answers to common questions about our products, services, and operations. Our commitment to quality and sustainability drives us to provide the best gourmet mushrooms and services to our customers and partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Carolina Mushroom Farm products?

Our products are available at the NC State Farmers Market in Raleigh, Booth #62, from 9am-3pm daily. Please note, our schedule may occasionally vary. To confirm our presence, please contact us at (919) 335-7728 prior to your visit.

What types of mushrooms do you offer?

We specialize in a variety of gourmet mushrooms, including Maitake, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, King Trumpet, Grey Oyster, and Cremini (Baby Bella). Our focus is on quality and variety to meet our customers' needs.

Can businesses purchase mushrooms wholesale?

Yes, we provide wholesale options for businesses. Restaurants, grocers, and other commercial entities can email us at sales@carolinamushroomfarm.com for more information on our wholesale pricing and products.

Do you sell mushroom compost?

Mushroom compost is available for purchase at our Willow Spring farm location. Priced at $25 per cubic yard, it's an excellent resource for gardeners and farmers. Contact us at (919) 335-7728 to check availability and arrange a pick-up.

Are grow kits available for those interested in growing their own mushrooms?

Yes, we offer mushroom grow kits for sale. These kits are available at our booth at the NC State Farmers Market. Availability may vary, so we recommend contacting us in advance to ensure stock levels.

Is Carolina Mushroom Farm hiring?

We are always interested in hearing from passionate individuals looking to join our team. Please send your resume and cover letter to info@carolinamushroomfarm.comfor consideration.

What are the operating hours for your booth at the NC State Farmers Market?

Our booth operates from 9am to 3pm daily. However, we suggest contacting us at (919) 335-7728 ahead of your visit to confirm availability, as our schedule can change.

Are there job opportunities available at Carolina Mushroom Farm?

Carolina Mushroom Farm is always on the lookout for dedicated and passionate individuals to join our team. Whether you have a background in agriculture, sales, or a keen interest in sustainable mushroom cultivation, we welcome you to apply. For current job openings and to submit your application, please email your resume and a cover letter to info@carolinamushroomfarm.com. We're excited to hear from potential candidates who share our commitment to quality and sustainability in gourmet mushroom production.

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